Kipos, the electronic point of sale system for restaurants, takeaways and cafes.

Kipos, the electronic point of sale system for restaurants, takeaways and cafes.

Built with owners and employees in mind. Started by a user who worked in the industry.
The idea was a clean & simple system that anyone can pick up within seconds.


For Restaurants

  • Easy to use ordering system
  • Keep tabs open
  • Reduce server errors
  • Full reservation system, which emails clientele once they have visited to leave a review

For Cafes, Takeaways

  • Customer data such as address saved for future
  • Postcode look-up with latest results from Royal Mail
  • Take orders online (0% commission) with payment online, text them when their order is coming
  • Collect Reviews from online orders
  • Text/Email your customers special offers
  • Caller ID - no wasting time entering the phone number - available for an extra £130


  • View your venue from wherever you are with our app or log in via any browser with full reporting ability.
  • Easily customize your menu with the ability to add notes when ordering.
  • Security is of the utmost importance to us. We use SSL encryption just like banks do to keep your money secure. Your customer data is safe with us.
  • Constant updates - we host and maintain kipos ourselves, so you are always running the latest software.
  • Dedicated UK Phone support available when you need it.

From moving to a handwritten system, where mistakes were being made, we now have no error's on our part and more turnover with the website! The customer detail's only need to be entered once, which saves us time which now allows me to concentrate more on managing my business. We are very pleased with it and more than happy to recommend it and have bought a second till.

Islam from Mouchuck Indian Takeaway, Bath

Website / Menu Design

We can make a unique website for your business which is fully integrated into the system which allows online ordering. Automatically, collects reviews too! Included in the start-up fee is free Google Advertising! This provides a new income stream to obtain orders and gives the customer control whilst saving you time. Full Allergen information can also be shown, which allows you to stay in-line with the law.

We also have experience in creating menu's for your taking including branding across all area's of your company from outside, menu to the website.

Be warned unlike other companies, we do not use templates and each website will be unique with your branding which looks professional whilst easy to use!

Once I had learn't the system it took a matter of minutes to teach staff how to use it. The items can be easily modified by us. The customer service has been great, the little we have needed them.

Pizza Fresca, Bath


Software & Support

  • Starting fee
  • £300
  • Yearly fee
  • £150
  • Includes Menu Entry from PDF
  • And Latest Updates
  • Extra till £20 a year
  • Contact Us


  • Website Design
  • From £300
  • Yearly Fee
  • £70
  • Fully designed website using your branding
  • Well Integrated
  • Free £50 Google Advertising
  • Contact Us

Full System + Website

  • Our best deal!
  • £2000
  • Reduced Yearly Price
  • £200
  • Includes Software, Hardware, Website,
  • Caller ID And Full Installation
  • Which includes training & support
  • Contact Us

Having been there since the beginning and I have seen the system constantly improving. Support has been excellent, only ever a phone call away, I have no doubt that as the company grows it will be one of the best in the industry.

Iqubal from Ruposhi Indian Takeaway, Bath