Who We Are

We are up and coming EPOS company providers who have worked first hand in the industry that we supply to, which helps us to understand and cater for our clienteles’ specific needs and frustrations.

Through our system we aim to raise working efficiency in catering environments, for staff during busy times and for managers for totalling up, as well as directors to keep an eye on their companies from afar.

What We Do

We supply an all in one system, eliminating the need for third party companies (if you’re reading this you know who they are) to take a cut of your hard earned money. We can provide you with an all in one, in-house EPOS system with a huge range of functions to make the daily running of your business as simple as possible.

We also provide a customised website with online ordering and an application for the AppStore and PlayStore for your customers to download and place orders from you direct. If that’s not good enough, we charge you 0% commission on any orders taken through Kipos.



Started by a user who worked in the industry, Kipos was built with owners and employees in mind, understanding a lot of catering companies have staff that may not be comfortable with using new technology. The idea was a clean & simple system that anyone can pick up within seconds.


Within our easy to use settings, you can edit and create new menu items and instantly update your website, app and Epos system instantly without having to wait on support to get back to you.


Keep your reservations within our easy to use system and access them wherever you may be. Give your customers the ability to make reservations on your website at their own convenience.


Security is of the utmost importance to us. We use SSL by default. Your customer data is safe with us.

Text / Email Marketing

Text / Email your customers’ special offers. We allow you to download your customer database as and when you need. We also have an MailChimp integration.

Caller ID

Create a personalised experience with your customers and know who is calling you and why before your phone even starts ringing.

Your own website

Allow your customers to order online and view your menu at their own convenience. Take payments online with Stripe. Your customers can log in and order to their regular address with confidence their payment details are secure.

Your own App

Have your own application within the PlayStore and AppStore allowing your customers to order online, book a table and view reviews. Take control of your business and stop paying third parties to sell your food.

Our Portfolio

Here is just some of our client base. We hope you will join us soon so we can aim for the top together!


As each solution is custom, we work with you to see what the optimal solution for your establishment is, however here are our package prices.

Starting with your own iPad or Android tablet (not included) to use as your Point Of Sale. You may use as many tablets as you like- 1, 3, 5, whatever suits your needs.

We can also provide you with the tablets or iPads at RRP if you wish, however we recommend that you source these yourself as you will able to get warranty or insurance if you buy direct from the stores.


£ 1000

£ 150 / year*

  • Includes printer, cash drawer, caller ID,
  • Menu input, free delivery and remote installation.


£ 1500

£ 250 / year*

  • Includes the basic package plus an App and Website designed for your Takeaway.
  • We will be happy to come out to you for the installation with additional travelling costs but our systems are really simply ‘plug and play’.


£ 2000

£ 300 / year*

  • Includes all of the above and an extra printer station in the Kitchen
  • Have your own complex reservations system that will without a doubt help your TripAdvisor and Google ratings.

* You will not need to pay this in the first 12 months, only to renew after.

Get in contact for Sharia compliant financing deals, starting from no upfront cost and monthly lease payments over 3 years, with the option to have a brand new website, application and hardware every three years when you renew!


Once I had learn't the system it took a matter of minutes to teach staff how to use it. The items can be easily modified by us. The customer service has been great, the little we have needed them.

Pizza Fresca

From moving to a handwritten system, where mistakes were being made, we now have no error's on our part and more turnover with the website!

Bear Flat Tandoori

We are very pleased with it and more than happy to recommend it and have bought a second till. Having been there since the beginning and I have seen the system constantly improving.

Peri Peri Sizzler

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